Valuing Partnerships

At Entilaq, we never remain detached from the process- we are actively engaged by and interested in your business and its success.


Our core philosophy at Entilaq is one of partnership- consulting is just a first step with Entilaq. We define ourselves as partners with a vested interest. This can manifest in many ways, with a typical approach involving an initial retainer. 


We believe that partners looking for opportunities in the UAE will benefit hugely from our engaged approach. Instead of standing by idly while your organization burns capital in its new pursuits, we "throw our hat in the ring" and stand by you in your efforts. 


Our business is defined by integrity, honesty, and productivity, and we do business with individuals and companies that represent the same, propelling both Entilaq and our partner companies towards a successful and profitable future. In any new business endeavor, being proactive is key. Don't head into the desert without effective preparation.