The impetus behind Entilaq is interchangeable with that of the UAE itself. With its founding in 2008, the company was primed to play a crucial part in the ongoing development of the UAE as it began to implement a new agenda and approach to a rapidly changing global market. Entilaq's game plan and ambitions directly mirror the paradigm-shifting changes taking place in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE. Aligning itself with Vision 2021, the UAE's ambitious, large-scope plan for the next decade, as well as the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, Entilaq seeks out diverse strategic alliances across a range of the sectors that are currently helping to transform the region.

With this ethos at its core, Entilaq pursues projects and partnerships across the key sectors that are essential to the economic goals of the region, including infrastructure, education, healthcare, and all sectors that will be pivotal in the region's new economy. In particular, Entilaq is dedicated to pursuing ventures focused on sustainable solutions for an energy-efficient future through interests as wide-ranging as architecture, IT, oil & gas, and engineering.

Entilaq sources its principals' extensive networks to introduce and build relevant business relationships, securing and providing market information and counseling that is customized to each of its clients' needs.

The company's hands-on approach and breadth of experience brings a dynamic pragmatism to projects that sources, enhances, and delivers true value and growth for businesses. Mr. Jamal Bafagih, Entilaq's Chief Operating Officer, attributes the company's burgeoning success to a strategic mindset focused on long-term pursuits in both growing alliances and sourcing top-tier professionals in the region. This serves to propel Entilaq to the forefront of the rapid changes in infrastructure and technology that will come to define the UAE for years to come.


Entilaq defines four elements as the core of its mission and offerings:

  • Providing business-specific market and cultural information;
  • Sourcing relevant local business and government connections;
  • Delivering effective local representation and logistical services for foreign companies establishing a presence in the UAE; and
  • Aligning its pursuits with the UAE's Vision 2021 campaign for business and regional development and the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030.