• The UAE economy over the last several decades has been driven by the oil & gas sector; recent shifts in the global economy, however, along with a recognized need to diversify, has caused the UAE government to begin prioritizing investment in the industrial sector. By leveraging its strategic relationships, Entilaq is primed to aid in the development of beyond.

  • Holding 10% of the world's oil reserves and 5% of global gas reserves, the UAE occupies one of the most prominent spots in the world energy mix, with plans to ramp up production over the next few years with new refinery projects. The UAE is also leading the way in renewables with ambitious projects like the sustainable, zero-carbon Masdar City.

  • Having positioned itself as a political and economic leader in the region, the UAE occupies an ideal position from which to develop high-quality healthcare for the entire MENA region. New facilities and related healthcare industries are expanding across the UAE; Entilaq is committed to investing its resources in this high-growth sector.

  • There are huge opportunities underway in the UAE within both the freight and passenger rail sector. Ambitious build projects are getting started across the Emirates, including the construction of multiple bridges, an entire city from scratch in Abu Dhabi, and several new towns in the vast Western region of Abu Dhabi.

  • A serious power gap exists within some of the less affluent areas of the region, creating a wealth of opportunity for companies willing and able to fill this power gap.

  • As home to three world-class airlines, the UAE is teeming with procurement opportunities in the aviation sector. In the world of aerospace, industry-leaders like Mubadala Aerospace are quickly defining the UAE as a world leader in aerospace initiatives and development.

  • With Dubai, the "City of Gold", leading the way as one of the world's key financial centers, the UAE has come to define international finance. Every major international bank has a presence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is home to ADIA, the world's #1 sovereign wealth fund.

  • The Emirates are a key U.S. partner in the Defense and Security sectors, facilitating some of the world's largest defense procurements via U.S. sources.