As the premier Business Development and Logistics Service Company in the UAE, Entilaq is focused on providing three key services to foreign companies with interests in the region:


    At Entilaq, we know all the ins and outs of doing business in the UAE.We can advise your organization on everything from sourcing capital to building effective, long-term business relationships in the region by leveraging existing professional relationships and continually seeking to expand this network to benefit our clients. We support you, our clients, and your endeavors by thinking like principals and investing both metaphorically and strategically in your company.


    We build partnerships that will effectively execute your regional that align with your internal practices while also functioning productively in the region. We recognize that our people are the backbone of our organization and are key to maintaining the high quality of service that you, our customers have rightly come to expect. That is why we source the top tier of professionals in the UAE, building partnerships that will effectively execute your regional initiatives.


    Entilaq is your one-stop-shop for everything.let alone from a logistical one. That's why we provide for your general logistical needs in the UAE by being a one-stop-shop for everything from accommodation and transportation, to the facilitation, planning, and coordination of meetings, conferences, cultural tours, site visits, and events. Finding your way through the world of business in the UAE has never been easier.


    We help develop strategic alliances needed to build a cross-border business.A new paradigm is evolving, defined by outsourcing and low-cost production, and driven by a need to refocus on new elements of the value chain while pursuing constantly changing opportunities. Abu Dhabi is positioned at the pinnacle of this global transformation and set to become one of the world's leaders in infrastructure development. Renewed economic growth is accelerating urban development and industrialization, creating myriad opportunities in power, water, transportation, telecoms, and more. Moreover, Abu Dhabi is developing into a driving force in the clean technologies that are redefining the infrastructure space as a whole. With our understanding of cross-cultural dynamics and our extensive connections throughout the Middle East and U.S., Entilaq is uniquely qualified to help your organization develop the strategic alliances needed to build a cross-border business that takes the best advantage of this growing marketplace.


    We create opportunity by attracting capital and effective partnerships. we bring the kind of diverse skill set and knowledge that allow us to function effectively across a range of sectors. Our best-of-breed strategy defines the cutting edge of what it takes to create innovative and profitable business opportunities. We access a deep set of tools to accelerate the value of our holdings, including capital, strategy-based thinking, extensive experience, a large database of contacts and an intuitive understanding of brand. At Entilaq, we understand that true success can only be gained by uniting profitability with a sterling brand and reputation, and we use our world-class communication and marketing skills in tandem with business savvy to create and position brands that, in turn, create opportunity by attracting capital and effective partnerships.